Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tamar running fast and high

It's certainly been a very dreary day here in the Westcountry but this evening the rain has relented. I have just been down the lane to view the Tamar following the couple of inches of precipitation we have endured today. As expected the river was looking extremely brown and had broken its banks in places. Even with my wellingtons on it was a bit iffy to go on down to the weir and reluctantly I turned back. The BBC forecast had been spot on regarding this weather! When people move to this neck of the woods they will soon realise that a pair of wellies needs to be right at the top of their shopping list!

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brian in the tamar valley said...

I try and be accurate when it comes to facts in my blog but was inadvertently misleading in this entry. The two inches of rain mentioned would have applied to the wettest part of the peninsula but here it would have been rather less I think but even so an inch plus surely. I've been out and about locally today and although not raining there is still plenty of water to splash through in the country lanes.