Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Waiting for the butterflies

The weather today has been a mixture of cloud and sun so far and very close. So it has been good enough this afternoon to do some gardening but to avoid getting overwhelmed by my hay fever I've come indoors to do a bit of quick blogging.

My buddleia davidii at the back of the patio is looking a picture and I really enjoy the scent especially after it has rained. But as yet I haven't seen a butterfly on it. Worryingly these beautiful insects seem to be getting scarcer all the time. Having said that the red admirals, peacocks, painted ladies and small tortoiseshells usually come toward the end of the flowering period of this particular bush and I need to be patient perhaps. At least there are quite a few ringlet butterflies on the wing at the moment.

Still on the wildlife theme I have heard reports of good sightings of peregrines in the Valley recently but I have been missing them unfortunately. Also a heron has been spotted very early in the morning, there are numerous garden ponds in the area for it take an interest in.

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