Sunday, 20 July 2008

Interesting tour of Stonehouse

I think that I may have mentioned this before but I have a passion for peninsulas. Devon and Cornwall form part of one of course and there are many smaller examples within this peninsula. One such is Stonehouse, that small enclave between Plymouth proper and Devonport, its watery boundary on the east being Millbay Docks, familiar to those using the ferry to Roscoff or Santander, whist to the west Stonehouse Creek wends its way up to the bridge of the same name. Incidentally this creek originally went much further inland - right up to Pennycomequick hard by today's Plymouth railway station.

So it was with anticipated pleasure that we set off on the train to the big city yesterday as I had arranged a visit to Stonehouse as part of our local history group's summer programme. Some of our members came by car and we met up at the car park on the north side of Stonehouse Bridge. We were fortunate to have the knowledge and enthusiasm of a local expert to lead us around (thanks very much Richard!) and our party all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience. One aspect that really appeals to me about Stonehouse, and this is back to the peninsula thing I guess, is that it feels like a place apart - almost like a village. It certainly has a very different and individual feel to it, and so different to other parts of Plymouth. The very fact that it is a peninsula means there is no through road and associated traffic volume, what a bonus. And you can never be fed up with the sea so close at hand.

Another plus was the weather; of late the south west appears to have been getting the best of it and yesterday didn't disappoint. One final point to note if there are several of you using our branch line: it is possible to travel at much less cost by getting a party ticket. I think I'm right in saying that passenger numbers are going up which is very welcome news indeed.

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