Sunday, 30 November 2008

Council to bus air passengers

Following on from my previous post Cornwall County Council are rightly going to pay for the busing of passengers unable to use Newquay Airport over the next three weeks. In the case of those booked with Ryanair this could mean taking passengers to and from Bristol or Bournemouth because that company doesn't use Plymouth or Exeter airports. I recall that it wasn't so long ago that Ryanair were bitterly complaining about some airport taxes being applied at Newquay and, in their usual forthright fashion, they have spoken out about this fiasco, comparing Cornwall County Council to "the Keystone Cops".

Cornwall have said that there might be grounds for compensation to those affected by the Newquay Airport shutdown. I'm not quite sure how that can be assessed mind you but I fully approve of their organising buses or taxis to the other local airports. As it us i.e. the council tax payers who will ultimately be paying the extra costs of the next three weeks then the Council need to come clean and explain what has gone wrong. Obviously safety is paramount and if three weeks are now needed to get systems in place so be it. But somebody needs to do some explaining about why the transfer from the military to the new owner has got fouled up.

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