Friday, 14 November 2008

Getting back to blogging

This blog has been very neglected of late and I don't have any good excuses like being laid low by the flu for instance! The weather here is now typically Cornish late autumn - mild, cloudy and with always a hint of dampness in the air. We did at least have a pleasantly sunny day on Wednesday and, although sunshine is in short supply at the moment, when we do get a rare bright day the sun is appreciated all the more. What used to be so frustrating was being stuck in an office when the weather was glorious outside and then be rained on at the weekend! I had previously written about seeing a violet in bloom in a patch of these flowers close to the river, on checking today I didn't see that same flower but did see another one out.

The cold northerly blast in the last week of October didn't last long. I expect at least one such period of weather in the late autumn but it normally occurs in November or December. I shall be interested to see if there is a repeat performance between now and Christmas.

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