Sunday, 16 November 2008

Local girls walk for 'Children in Need'

The BBC had their annual 'Children in Need' bash last Friday and they believe they might well eclipse last year's record breaking total once all the money is in. I have to say that I seldom watch the show these days (I'm not a paid up member of the Terry Wogan appreciation society), it's not really my cup of tea. On the evening before two local girls rang my doorbell - "Would you sponsor us to walk to school tomorrow in aid of 'Children in Need'" they enquired. It turned out that they intended to walk the 5 miles to Callington College and I was more than pleased to make a contribution to the cause. More than the actual walk itself it was the fact that they were prepared to do something for no personal gain and moreover spend considerable time trekking around our large village to ask for sponsorship that impressed me.

Until recently walking along the busy A390 to Callington would have seemed a foolhardy adventure but now with a separate footpath/cycle path such a traipse is a practical proposition. I think they said that they would start their walk at 7.30.

The 'Children in Need' extravaganza of course benefits from its own momentum and high exposure. Even so it is amazing how much money continues to flow in. What I do fear though, as the recession starts to bite, is that small low profile charities in particular will feel the pinch.

More to come on my thoughts regarding the dire economic situation we are in.

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