Sunday, 30 November 2008

Piers Corbyn - November forecast review

At the end of October I had reviewed the weather forecast put out by Piers Corbyn for that particular month and found that it was one of his worst efforts with literally nothing right so zero out of ten I'm afraid. Now comes the judgement for November. Here was his forecast then (on his website) for the month just gone:

"November 2008. Dramatic changes. Cold wintry spells separated by heavy rain, floods and storms. Severe Weather Warning: Gale damage with North Sea storm surge risks (70% likely) and/or sleet and snow espec around 12 - 14 th & 25 - 28 Nov."

This is a little bit better Piers! He has brought out the sleet/snow angle OK and although we haven't seen any of the white stuff here during this present cold wintry spell I am prepared to accept that further east and north there could have been some. Regarding the reference to the 12 - 14 th the roughest weather was around the 10 th in fact but not really anything more than what you would expect in late autumn. North Sea storm surge? Didn't hear anything about that but in fairness that was only a 70% risk. Difficult to give a fair marking but as it's getting close to Christmas let's say 3 out of 10. Now what goodies will Piers bring for December? I hope he doesn't keep me in suspense!

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