Wednesday, 26 November 2008

An enjoyable walk and MOT pass

I don't think anyone can say we don't get enough variety in our weather here in the UK. Today it's been thoroughly miserable here in the Tamar Valley, misty drizzle and feeling a bit raw whereas a friend having to go into Plymouth reported some nice sunshine there! However yesterday although cold was gloriously sunny over most of the region and this time we did have our fair share. For me yesterday's weather was particularly fortuitous as it was the day for the car's MOT test. It might seem a bit of an odd connection to make so let me explain. I always take the car to the same garage for the test and, as car drivers will know, the whole thing takes about an hour. What I like to do, weather permitting, is to use that time for a walk because just across the main road that passes the garage a track takes you deep down into the Tamar Valley and then gives a choice of return routes. Beautifully quiet it is rewarding walking and I was delighted to see quite a lot of valerian and some fuchsia still blooming in the little village I pass through. Wrapped up well against the cold and with sparkling visibility it was an absolute joy to be out in the fresh air.

Getting back to the garage I discovered that the car had almost passed its MOT - a very minor problem had showed up which I was able to resolve on the day and then submit the car for a partial retest. Hooray, it passed! The garage concerned is very organised in that it sends out an MOT reminder a month before the certificate expires; this is very handy because of course one can get a '13 month' MOT in effect by going a month early. If you really depend on the car being available 24/7 and 365 days a year it means that any necessary repairs can be carried out before the old MOT expires. OK you have to part with your (currently) £53.10 a little earlier but at least there isn't a last minute panic.

It's good to get the MOT sorted mainly because of the fact that you can't be quite sure what repairs might be necessary. Hopefully I can keep motoring in my 20+ year old car for some time to come!


Paul said...

Hi Brian,

Can I recommend to everyone not lucky enough to have garage that sends MOT reminders the website

They have a great MOT reminder service either by email or by mobile text message, very useful for those of us who forget the MOT.

brian in the tamar valley said...

Thanks very much for that information Paul. Seems to be a really interesting website.