Saturday, 22 November 2008

Forty five years since President Kennedy shot

Where were you 45 years ago today? Or, putting it another way, where were you when you heard about the assassination of President John F Kennedy? It seems to be the accepted wisdom that all of us old enough to remember can recollect where we were when that shattering piece of news became apparent.

In my case I was in a pub in Heavitree, Exeter either playing skittles or, more likely, in support of my colleagues team from my then workplace. The landlord came into the skittle alley to say that Kennedy had been shot, before we had finished he came back to say Kennedy was dead. So yes even after 45 years it is still in the old memory banks.

So much has been written since about this momentous event but we still can't be sure if Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. I still lean toward a conspiracy theory but will we ever really know after all this time.

My worry now is about whether one or more Americans want to see Obama dead. I just hope that the intelligence and security services over there are up to the job.

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