Monday, 3 November 2008

November forecast now out from Piers

Following on from my last entry I see that Piers Corbyn has now posted up his forecast for November on his website here. Understandably his totally inaccurate prophecy for last month has disappeared; I imagine that this was very embarrassing to him. As usual his message is quite apocalyptic in tone but it's noticeable that he's resisted the temptation this time of having a news conference so that the likes of 'The Daily Express' can scream at us that the end is nigh. Of course Piers just may be right this time and I would be very happy to acknowledge such a feat on this blog should it happen. But I'm not going to hold my breath in anticipation.

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BF said...

Thank God you're not holding your breath in anticipation of any of the IPCC computer model predictions panning out otherwise you would be dead by now!