Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thoughts on the terror attack in Mumbai

It would be wrong for me to make no reference on this blog to the horrific events that have been taking place in Mumbai. Most importantly our sympathies should go out to the relatives of those killed and injured in the senseless slaughter. There are though one or two other points to make:
  • As happened after 9/11 in New York and as happened after the more recent terrorist outrages in London it is vital to try and resume a degree of normality in Mumbai just as quickly as possible and there are signs that the people in India are doing just that.
  • Fortunately one of the terrorists wasn't killed thus availing the authorities of the opportunity to question him and find out more about the motivation for and planning of the attack.
  • There is finger pointing in the direction of Pakistan - of late there appears to have been an uneasy truce between that country and India over the issue of Kashmir. I can only hope that wise heads prevail and that there is no escalation in tension between these two neighbouring nuclear powers.

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