Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama wins, dignified concession from McCain

As expected then the new President-Elect in the USA is Barack Obama. I watched the start of the results coming in on my computer but no way was I going to stay up all night! On a previous post I had put forward my main reasons for rooting for Obama: my worry with John McCain was that his health problems might prove terminal whilst in office which would then enable the so so scary Sarah Palin to become President plus the fact that McCain is known to have a very violent temper, an aspect of character not too desirable for the leader of the free world. Having said that he made a very fair and decent concession speech and I certainly warm to him far more than those extreme right wing elements in his party.

It was interesting that the folks in America seemed to be prepared to queue for however long it took to exercise their democratic rights, personally I can't stand queuing and am lucky enough to be able to live a life where that chore is nearly non-existent! When I cast my vote here in the village I reckon I'm in and out of the polling station in 60 seconds!

I don't think it would be right to expect rapid changes after Obama is sworn in in January - I've seen it written that he will have the "inbox from hell", a fine expression. What seems to be particularly good is that we should see America reconnect with the rest of the world but don't expect Obama to be a soft touch. That wiry frame conceals a very strong personality methinks.

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