Thursday, 22 January 2009

A 30 closed yesterday morning

This past night has been wet but at least reasonably mild. Somewhat different though than the early hours of Wednesday morning when freezing conditions followed isolated showers causing horrendous driving conditions in places. There were so many accidents, most attributed to the conditions, on the A30 spine road through Devon and Cornwall that police had to close a section during the early morning rush hour. Something like 40 miles was affected by this closure from west of Bodmin to east of Okehampton.

The Highways Agency stated that the road had been gritted twice but rain and hail had washed the salt away and the surface refroze. These are the nightmare weather conditions which are so hard for both authorities and drivers to contend with. One of the problems arising from these circumstances is the fact that the icing up of the road can be very local. No doubt many drivers were going too fast but can we expect people to be disciplined enough to stay below 20 mph for miles on end?

I don't think there was any problem with icing in my immediate area but I'm still glad about not having to commute these days!

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