Monday, 12 January 2009

Dumbing down on chocolate

I have to admit to being a bit of an information junkie but I wouldn't want so much info that it would become a substitute for thinking things through and making my own judgements. There seems to be an ever increasing trend to go way over the top with information provision, in fact a tendency to dumb down all the time. Whilst half asleep this morning I was listening to the 'Today' programme and it must have come up one of the newspaper reviews - a story about an allergy warning on chocolate bars. These warnings probably started because some folk have the misfortune to have a very severe reaction to eating nuts, the problem being that there are a variety of foods around with minute amounts of nut in them even though you would never expect such food to include nuts in their ingredients. So a warning about nuts seems sensible and responsible to me.

What was different this morning was the press story about Cadbury's Milk Chocolate (my emphasis). There's a warning we were told on the packaging that the product contained milk! Milk chocolate containing milk!! Who would have believed that? Apart from some having an allergy to milk I think there are those who are allergic to chocolate so perhaps they should also add a message on the wrapping "This product contains chocolate"!

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