Sunday, 4 January 2009

The horror of Gaza

The media are giving very extensive coverage to current events in Gaza and the still photographs and film footage underline the real horrors the inhabitants are having to endure in a way that this blog written so many miles away from the maelstrom could never do. I'm sure that most Palestinians and Jews would just like to get on with their lives in a peaceful manner and that it's those such as Hamas and the Israeli government who have blood on their hands.

What surprises me is that there are so many people in the UK who have heavily entrenched views, some blaming Hamas 100% others saying it's all the fault of the Israelis. I certainly don't have enough information to play the blame game but there seems to be no doubt that Hamas have been launching rockets into Israel for a very long time. This is not to condone Israel's actions but it is something that yesterday's peace protesters ought to bear in mind.

I think that the UK is fairly impotent to do much; whether the US will be able to exert any influence is not at all clear. Certainly the Arab / Israeli question is yet one more item in Obama's Inbox from hell.

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