Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Interesting initiative by First Great Western

For those such as myself who are aged over 55 railway company 'First Great Western' have come up with an interesting initiative. For a one off payment of just £25 they are offering the chance of making as many return ticket trips over their network as you wish between 1st February and 7th April. If you have a Senior Rail Card then an additional discount of £5 is available. The company are calling this scheme 'Club55'.

A great idea if for instance you were contemplating going to London town, taking in a West End show and staying a night or two. In my case I might be tempted to go to our capital but only for a day trip and this is where the snag lies. Understandably I suppose FGW are limiting the use of Club55 to off peak travel times. So I can forget London as one day there would be enough thanks! It was different when I had family to visit up there but that situation no longer applies.

The possibility of doing a number of shorter trips is worth considering, what I must do is examine the definition of 'off-peak' to see whether it's viable for me. Anyway here is the all important link to read all about it.

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