Saturday, 24 January 2009

Mimosas looking sad right now

The mimosa is an increasingly popular garden shrub it seems or I'm just noticing them more perhaps. I have a friend with one in her garden, there are others not far away and there is a particularly good example in a courtyard off one of Tavistock's main streets. But perhaps the most spectacular mimosa I've seen is the well established one in the beautiful grounds of Mount Edgcumbe just across the Tamar from Plymouth. With its feathery green foliage and lemon yellow flowers in evidence very early in the year it is little wonder that it is so well liked even though my area is a long way from its natural habitat.

I need to check on mimosas elsewhere but the ones in the village are looking very sad at the moment, in fact appearing to be dead. But are they? I have a feeling that they are more resilient than we might think. The problem one assumes is down to the weather, we are in a frost hollow here and of course we had that unusually cold spell from Christmas onwards and extending well into this month. Maybe a visit to Mount Edgcumbe to see their mimosa is required before too long! As an aside the Mount Edgcumbe Country Park is one of those special places always worth visiting and incidentally is home to the National Camellia Collection and thousands of daffodils.

If anyone reading this has a mimosa in their garden or knows of one nearby I'd love to know how it's fairing. I suspect any near the coast will be doing better although strong winds seem to be another worry for them.

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