Thursday, 22 January 2009

Brown hopeless again at PMQs

This might make me sound sad but if I'm in at midday on a Wednesday I will very often watch Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs). What has become increasingly unacceptable is the fact that Brown never gives an answer to a Cameron question, in fact even worse yesterday the former asked the latter a question. It is appalling that the Speaker, Michael Martin, doesn't call Brown to account - it's little wonder that people are turned off by politics.

Now of course the Leader of the Opposition will aim to ask if possible the sort of questions that a person would find difficult to answer, you know the "Have you stopped beating your wife" type of question whilst still demanding a simple "yes" or "no" response. The thing with Brown is that he is so wooden, he can't think on his feet. He just comes out with his rehearsed soundbites. Yesterday he just couldn't resist drawing attention to the known differences over Europe between Ken Clarke and David Cameron. Europe wasn't on the agenda question wise yet the idiot Brown had to make a political point. It was all so pathetic and predictable. Brown had just the one good line referring to Clarke as the "shadow Shadow Chancellor" but apart from that it was the usual lumbering performance from him and I have to repeat that the Speaker was not performing his duties to the House.

In case it's thought that I might be a Tory I can say "certainly not". I don't have any allegiance to any party - I don't support any one party more than another. It's quite possible that the Tories would also have brought the UK to its present perilous financial situation if they had been in power. I have to say though that I have very little confidence in Brown pulling us through the recession and its aftermath. Let's hope my worries about him are wrong.

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