Friday, 2 January 2009

A clever scheme from 'Flybe'

'Flybe', the well respected regional airline based at Exeter, have just announced what I think is a very clever idea. They are offering free insurance to their customers, allowing them to claim a full refund on their travel costs should they lose their jobs. There are conditions of course: anyone claiming will have to submit their redundancy notice as evidence and they must have been in continuous work with the same employer for a minimum of two years. And to be eligible they must make their booking during this month of January.

I've never had dealings with 'Flybe' but they always strike me as one of the better run airlines and I might be tempted to use them if I was going to one of their 150 plus destinations. My feeling is that this new announcement is a shrewd move. For a start in this very competitive market they have stolen a march on the other airlines. They are also energising their customers to commit themselves early. With so much uncertainty in the business world potential holidaymakers may not be in too much of a rush to buy their tickets but by confining the offer to this month only Flybe are helping to concentrate minds.

We are told that travellers aren't having to fund this insurance, apparently Flybe's own insurance will take the hit. One other very important thing and I might have misheard this earlier today - I believe that the cancellation of holiday costs applies to the whole family flying not just the person who has been made redundant.

Well done Flybe for being so innovative!

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