Sunday, 18 January 2009

Snowdrops starting to appear

One of the real bonuses about living in the south west is the fact that we get something of a head start when it comes to the early spring flowers making their presence known. So it was a joy yesterday to see a clump of snowdrops out near Cotehele. Speaking of that venerable place I noted the other day that witch hazel was in flower in its grounds and it was nice to see another bush in evidence in a cottage garden as we walked into Metherell.

This ramble was part of a stroll organised by a local walking group who always organise a pub lunch as part of the proceedings. We therefore indulged ourselves at 'The Carpenters Arms' at Metherell where I chose Calamari (coated rings of squid), quite a favourite of mine. What was unusual, to me at any rate, was the fact that they were accompanied by a hot chilli sauce. All very enjoyable. Time was pressing after lunch as we needed to get back and as our companions were going to return to the cars by a slightly devious route we bid farewell to our friends and retraced our steps the way we came. It was on this return journey that we spotted the snowdrops, somehow they had been missed in the morning. I guess that this was due to the amount of conversation taking place! Yes it's nice to have a social walk occasionally but for someone such as myself who has a passion for all things natural free flowing talk can sort of get in the way at times.

I noticed the first snowdrop in my garden this morning, not fully out but the white being very much in evidence. One of my next door neighbours reported a similar state of affairs in their garden, however they also have crocuses which are also just starting to flower.

It's great to have the first stirrings of new life so soon after the shortest day. Inevitably there are times when I wouldn't mind 12 months of summer every year but on reflection it is nice to have seasonal weather because each part of the year has something to bring.

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