Sunday, 14 January 2007

Another way to recycle newspapers

The village of Kenton just down the road from Exeter has seen the completion of two new eco-friendly homes. Hosting a variety of eco-features the one particular aspect that caught my eye was the use of insulation from 100% recycled newspaper. This has been treated to be fire and rodent proof although I don't know how eco-friendly that process is.

Two thoughts: I haven't investigated the economics of recycling newsprint but I'm enthusiastic about another possible use for it. The other point I would make is that although there is now a lot of proven technology out there to make buildings eco-friendly the adoption of it is small scale and piecemeal, we are so slow at making these things mainstream in this country with all the advantages of economy of scale.

Finally the houses each cost £110,000 to build and were made available for LOCAL people. Hooray!

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