Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The wall starts to come down

For decades the population in Plymouth's Devonport have had the misery of a massive wall splitting the community. This, complete with barbed wire on its top, was erected some time after the area was heavily bombed in the second world war and the defence people enclosed the land as part of the dockyard complex. It must feel a little bit like the Berlin Wall before that came down or like the present wall built by the Israelis between it and the Palestinians but, thank god, you don't risk getting shot even if you could surmount it.

Well today with due ceremony a large excavator started demolishing it. The plan is to build about 500 homes on this brownfield site together with shops and offices. I can imagine quite a bit of celebrating in Devonport tonight; for too long this community has suffered from neglect - this should be a turning point for them.

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