Sunday, 14 January 2007

Lynton goats in trouble again

Lynton and Lynmouth on the North Devon coast are just about the most special places I know and one of their fascinations is that they are still relatively difficult to access in the 21st century with quite poor roads leading to them. But access isn't a problem for the wild goat herd who inhabit the spectacular Valley of Rocks on the west side of Lynton. For as long as I can recall the goats, being goats, have had a liking for straying into the village and eating whatever is interesting including, at the moment, freshly laid flowers in the cemetery.

There have been some culls in the past but more recently a cattle grid has been put in at a cost of £40,000! However because of noise concerns instead of using round poles in the grid flat struts have been used instead. Those clever goats have discovered a way of crossing the new grid so the problem of the goats still remains.

Ah well, back to the drawing board I suppose.

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