Thursday, 11 January 2007

Thrushes undeterred by the weather

After a much brighter day yesterday the weather has once again reverted to its familiar wet and windy self. But whatever the weather the song thrush I can hear whilst typing this is undeterred in his singing and has in fact been singing for many days now. I am a huge lover of nature even though I can't claim to be a wildlife expert and one thing that really blows my mind is the incredible variety of birdsong and calls. The anatomical structure of different bird species seems to follow broadly similar lines and I would have thought that their voice boxes would have shown little variation. Yet, fortunately for us, their songs display remarkable variety. I'm told that if you had a chiffchaff in one hand and a willow warbler in the other an expert would be hard pressed to separate the two yet their songs could not be more dissimilar!

We can easily get blase about nature but its abundance and variety continues to leave me spellbound!

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