Tuesday, 30 January 2007

MSC Napoli

Latest news -
  • Residents attended a meeting over the weekend at Branscombe Village Hall in which someone fairly senior from the police force admitted that they (the police) hadn't got things right regarding the invasion of scavengers from far and wide. Seems that (a) police were caught on the hop not realising that national publicity about Napoli would draw in people from hundreds of miles away (b) confusing maritime law regarding legality or otherwise of scavenger activities, this caused a degree of paralysis in the situation
  • If the government don't hold a public enquiry over the Napoli then the county council will.
  • Removal of oil from the ship is progressing and the first of the containers have been lifted off. The machines on the beach are doing very well with that part of the clean-up.
  • There was a mishap on Monday evening when one of the vessels involved with the salvage operations, the barge "Port Menai" collided with a local fishing boat "Sea Seeker" off Lyme Regis. A fair bit of damage was done to the fishing boat and two fishermen were injured.


Roger Thomas said...

Definitly think the Government needs a public enquiry. Imagine what would have happened if there had been a storm after she beached.

jazz606 said...

Someone should ask why they were attempting to tow a damaged ship all the way to Portland (apparently she was abandoned 40 miles south of The Lizard). Falmouth or Plymouth were much closer and both are good harbours. Surely if the ship has severe structural damage you get to the nearest shelter.