Saturday, 13 January 2007

Tony Blair visits Devon again

"Tony Blair visits Devon again". All right I'm being sarcastic now! Mr Blair was in Devon yesterday and Thursday, it was his SECOND visit to Devon in the almost ten years of his premiership. This wasn't because of a guilty conscience in that he had been neglecting us it was because he made a speech to a selected audience of about 600 on board HMS Albion at Devonport. His lecture was one of a number he is making regarding our Nation's Future and concerned itself about our armed forces. It appears to have been a real mishmash of thoughts but it seems that he believes that the UK should combine a defensive role with an interventionist one. Bloggers are generally tearing his lecture to shreds for example see the entry here this morning by Tom (

My view is that if the war in Afghanistan is questionable the one in Iraq is downright wrong. What is patently obvious is that we cannot conduct two significant wars at the same time and that our armed forces are seriously overstretched; it should be remembered that the top brass have been warning the government about this in a very public way.

Once again I have to say that Tony Blair is almost an irrelevance now; why should his MPs, his ministers, world leaders and the public at large take any notice of a prime minister who in months or even possibly weeks will be departing the scene. I certainly wouldn't

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