Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Icy forecast from Piers Corbyn

On 27th December I wrote a post about Mr Corbyn's predictions regarding storms in that month. So far as the last of the three "storms" were concerned we did have a rough weekend certainly, slightly after his suggested date of 26th to 28th. Although sadly the weather indirectly led to two fatalities, one at Trevone in Cornwall and the other at Wembury in Devon, the reality was that the storm was fairly typical of that experienced in our area at this time of year. Certainly the wind though strong was not of the violence Mr Corbyn predicted.

I read now that Piers Corbyn says we can expect a particularly cold spell from 10th January (ie next Wednesday) till 20th January with temps down to -6 degrees! Whether that is night time minima in frost hollows I don't know. Contrast these predictions with those of Everton Fox on the BBC's weather website in which Mr Fox estimates that there won't be cold weather during this timeframe, in fact it will be mild or very mild! I'm not coming down in favour of either forecaster but it will be fascinating to see what weather materialises.

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