Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Comfortable with Radio4

We live in a fast changing world and there are times when I'm tempted to say "Whoa! Slow down a moment!" There are such a plethora of new laws all the time that it becomes difficult to keep up. And we are in the middle of an information revolution that is just as huge in its effect as the agrarian and industrial revolutions of centuries past. Then of course there is the revolution in travel as a direct result of the invention of the jet engine. To someone like me, born in the middle of the Second World War, and remembering the incredibly slow changes of yesteryear today's rapidity of change is something I'm not always comfortable with.

Fortunately living in a village where there is little scope for expansion I do not see very much difference in my surroundings year on year unlike many urban areas with their altered road layouts and new shopping malls. I don't think I'm a Luddite with regard to modern technology and ways of doing things but I'm not seduced by all of today's must have latest gizmos. One particular aspect of life I still find reassuring is the sense of continuity one gets with the BBC, in particular with radio4. Not just the programmes (although quite rightly they are entitled to try something new now and again) but I'm thinking at the moment about the newsreaders/ announcers. I usually turn on radio4 first thing in the morning to be welcomed by such voices as those of Susan Rae or Peter Donaldson, Charlotte Green or Vaughan Savidge for instance. Those familiar sounds are incredibly comforting I think, more so for those on their own and housebound. One can read a little about them on the BBC radio4 website. I hope to hear them for many years to come!

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