Friday, 26 January 2007

Rubber band entertains

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of being entertained by the Calstock Rubber Band. I should explain that these are a group of local talented musicians covering a wide spectrum of instruments. Amongst these are accordions, trombone, saxophone, guitars, harp, xylophone, percussion, washboard and recorders although not all of these are at every performance. Every 4th Thursday of the month sees them at "The Rising Sun" pub which is within handy walking distance of my home.

There is something compelling about live music in a traditional pub setting, even more so when one can slake one's thirst with ale brewed in Cornwall! My friend who is a very proficient flute player brought her flute along and joined in the merriment. Towards the end of the evening the band was joined by a couple of men with accordions from I believe Bere Alston if my informant is correct. How I wish I could play a piano accordion! I remember seeing and listening to a band of accordions on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Nearer home there is nothing but nothing more stirring than the accordions, melodeons and drums at Padstow on May the First.

Why the appellation "The Rubber Band". I believe the reason is that a rubber band is elastic and the ethos of the band is to accommodate however many musicians want to join in.

Personally speaking I don't like wall to wall music 24/7. I much prefer to hear it occasionally but when I do to listen with great intensity and pleasure. But sadly that doesn't seem to be the modern way, more emphasis on a constant stream of music as a background because modern technology permits it. For instance I have no interest in music in my car, I want to hear it when it can involve my full attention. And as for ring tones on mobiles - yuk!

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