Monday, 29 January 2007

Night changing to day

I stepped out of my cottage at twenty past seven this morning to walk up to the paper shop. On opening the door not only did I hear a joyful dawn chorus but intermingled with that sound were the last gentle hoots from the tawny owls in the woods across the valley. Because of the relatively slow transition from night to day this overlapping of bird calls is a regular feature here.

It was certainly interesting, though expected, to experience the much quicker changes between dark and light in the Canaries when I went there. But I prefer that slow easing into daylight and the long twilight that we enjoy in these more temperate latitudes. However I wouldn't relish the much shorter winter days up in the north of Scotland. Overall the west country is the best although if I'm really fussy a little more winter sunshine wouldn't go amiss. How lucky I am to live here!


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